#1 – Required system permission which GangBook application requires

GangBook application needs to obtain users’ permissions below.

Your messages :
GangBook application check SMS and MMS messages and then play the alarming which is already set up.

Network communication :
It uses for receiving advertisement.
And it checks network connections when you download 'Google Voice' or update GangBook application.

Your personal information :
GangBook is a phone book application. therefore, it needs to access contact information.

Storage :

It need to save setting status of GangBook application at SD.

Services that cost you money :
It needs when you call to someone, using GangBook application system.

Phone calls :
After checking statue of phone call receive, it indicates missed call.

System tools :
It needs to revised contact information or edit groups.

Hardware controls :
It is used at menu, including changing order of group lists(Vibration).

Your accounts :
It check account which registered to system and order lists of contact information.