#3 – Group Item

If you click or/and long click group item, you can use a variety of functions.

If you click check box on upper left side, all contact information in group is selected or unselected.

If you click out of checkbox space, selected group is extended and information would appear.

If you long click the group, a variety of function menus would be popped up. 

Add Contact :

Add contact information to the selected group.

Set Group Ringtone :
Set up ringtone for selected group.

Set group SMStone :
Set up notification sound when received SMS/MMS from the selected group.

Send SMS to Group :
Send SMS/MMS to all group members which you selected.

Send E-mail to Group :
Send E-mail to all group members which you selected.

Share :
Share all contact information in the selected group to others.

Move :
Move contact information to other group.

Copy :
Copy contact information to other group.

Edit :
Change the group title.

Delete :
Delete the selected group.
It will give an option screen which you can select whether deleting group members and contact information or deteting only group members.

GroupItem Color :
Select color of group list.